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Sales Growth
Analyzing Graphs


You need the right personnel, diversified business channels and comprehensive plan for scalable growth. We can explore how to grow your community solar, 3rd party supply or other renewable energy-centric ventures you have in mind.

Client Engagement

With a broad network around the US, Lumino will help identify the top talent to aid in the growth of your organization.

Channel Launches

Knowing which B2C and B2B channels to implement and how is critical to your company's success. Lumino will help to build your Retail, Events, D2D, Call Center and WFH channels of business.

Technology Enhancements

We will help identify, procure and implement the right technologies to help scale your efforts that will put you ahead of the competition.


Getting your business running like a well-oiled machine takes a lot of work. Lumino will assist you in building and enhancing your existing sales systems through personnel development, process design and system enhancements.

Investment Chart


Similing Team


A sales team is only as strong as its weakest link. Lumino will help identify the right talent for the job at hand with access to individuals and sales teams around the nation to help you scale up your operations. 

Individual Contributors

One person with the right skillset can make all the difference. Lumino can identify key movers and shakers to help your operation.

Sales Teams

Lumino will identify, screen and connect you to some of the top sales organizations working in the industry today. Most will be able to launch in less than 30 days.


With an abundance of experience in onboarding new sales reps including evaluating, interviewing and launching, Lumino can take the arduous process of finding effective people off your hands.

Process Design

Sales teams need consistency to ensure stability and scalability and at it's core are a set of processes. Lumino can help to design, build and produce processes that your team can depend on.

Image by UX Indonesia


Customer Retention
Call Center Employee


Sales growth is critical to any company's success. But, if you're losing customers, you're also spending roughly 3 times the effort to get them back. Preventing customer's from leaving your company is critical. Lumino can help.

Inbound/ Outbound

Lumino Consulting has years of experience building inbound and outbound call centers saving thousands of existing customers and acquiring thousands of new ones.

Quality Assurance

Lumino will help to ensure your sales teams have the proper support, training and feedback on the prospects and customers they encounter.


Without concise, dynamic and engaging training, your teams will slip up and you'll lose revenue. Lumino can provide a comprehensive program to help your teams succeed.

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